handmade with love in Vancouver BC

pink mask.jpg


Why We Started

We Created these Masks to focus on helping prevent

painful Acne caused from wearing a mask all day long.

we focused on sleek design and a comfortable fit for everyone. 

What Motivates Us

We strive to give you the best product and experience we can,

We get excited to see you loving our products daily,

and your energy keeps us going!

Who Are Our Products for?

Our Products are for everyone! We do our Best to accommodate everyone for f with multiple sizes available and a wide selection of rich colours to complement every skin tone or style.

What are Our Brand Values?

We Value Sustainability we worked hard to design a mask with the minimal "extras' keeping our waste as low as possible, using extra fabric left over to create our scrunchies. We also collect our left over scraps and thread to send to sustainable fashion designers so nothing goes to waste!